About Us

You think of the task, we think of the solution.

The concept for Umbrella Task Company was derived from the realization that I had too much on my plate. I needed help to keep multiple clients happy. As much as I would like to be in two places at once, the technology just isn't there yet. So, Umbrella was born. My team and I pride ourselves on being ready, willing, and able to handle anything you can think of. No really, anything. Staff a job-site for a home renovation? Sure. Remove your Christmas tree from your 5th floor walk-up so the Easter bunny can enter unscathed? Doable. Paint your garage and hang shelves? Absolutely. Cable guy told you he will be there sometime between breakfast and dinner? Let us wait for you.

No job is too big or too small. I will work with you on a budget for each project, or you can subscribe to our on-call service. I have a team that moves cars for street cleaning and valets your guests’ vehicles at your annual holiday party. I have a team of hammers, nails, and laser levels that will help you arrange that picture wall that you have been dreaming up for your front hallway. Give yourself a Saturday night of leisure and outsource your childcare needs to one of our experienced babysitters. You think of the task, we will come up with the solution.

Put your to-do list under our Umbrella.

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